Mexican World Talent

Clothing Art.

She transmits her feelings in every flower and every painting. Ana was started her own production of dresses. Everything handmade from the first court up to the least brushstoke.

The craft represent the beauty of her mexican nature, the texture of beautiful flowers is expressing some emotions and dreams that there are in the garment. She has been working for 30 amazing years and during twenty years she has already exported to international places where she has been recognized as a great artist.

Every year she design a line of clothes with flowers that are very detailed every stem, leaf, petal are drawing with tiny brushstrokes.
The new hat design express a lot of emotions. It has provoked a revolution for the exclusivity of each one as the chales and pashminas that those are beautiful pieces that you can use at the beach, cocktail or even at the wedding at night.

Original and unique describe the Ana R´s craft. Ana R started in a fashion exhibition at Puerto Vallarta. So over the years she has had a lot of presentations in different mexican cities like Guadalajara, Tlaquepaque, Mexico City, Monterrey, etc. In United States, she has been presented in The Vegas, LAX, San Antonio, Chicago, Miami, Dallas. Her talent has been displayed in few cities from Europe like Madrid, Paris and London and people always went amazed by her design.
Ana R. is a talented woman that shows in her products a creativity part of her dreams, also she invites to know about more of her and obviously of her fashion deed. Contact Ana R if you are interested in more of her beautiful art.

About Ana R

SALES LA PAZ BSC Tel. (612) 1220 788 / (612) 159 5060 16 de septiembre No. 1 Ajijic, Jalisco, México. C/P 45920 Tel. 3767663977 Tel. (33) 2188 2843 Correo: Facebook: Ana R. La Prenda Hecha Arte LOGA 360413 GS7